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Captain’s Log February 09, 2014

Monday, February 10th, 2014

We have reached mid-season here at Captain Dan McSweeney’s Whale Watching Adventures, and what a great season it is! The months of February and March are wrought with Humpbacks frolicking in the stunningly beautiful blue Pacific waters. On each trip we make, we find increasing numbers of mothers and new-born calves enjoying the water, and since humpback whales are so very curious, they sometimes come near the boat to enjoy us as we enjoy them. In addition, sometimes single males will park themselves about 150’ or so under water and commence to singing their loud song. Unique in sound, this song has been sung throughout the centuries, but each winter comes with a new set of tones. When a single male whale is located we sometimes are able to drop a microphone into the water and listen to his song. Though the song is clear to our ears, it is still somewhat of a mystery as to exactly how the whale produces the mysterious sounds. Somehow that song comes from the inside of the giant head of the whale, and research will one day tell us exactly how he does it….and for what reason? However, until research completes its task, we simply enjoy the whale song until the big male decides it’s time to swim away or we head away in total wonderment.

Amid the perfect sunshine and warm temperatures, the whales have been putting on quite a show on and above the water’s surface. The increasing numbers of whales that reside in the clear waters during these months causes many displays that include giant fins waving out of the water as the whale lies on its side, great spouts of water shooting out of the whale’s blowhole as it swims by and thrillingly, breaches that sometimes bring whales out of the water completely. When the whales are air-born, passengers on our adventures can see that they really are as big as a school bus!

In addition to the mighty humpback whale, we sometimes see endangered False Killer whales as they quickly pursue their prey, Hawaiian Pilot whales, Spinner dolphins jumping and spiraling as much as seven times before submersing and periodically we have found ourselves enjoying watching giant manta rays swim around us with wingspans that can reach 12’ or more! Captain Dan and the crew invite you to come to the Kona coast and board the whale watching vessel, get comfortable, enjoy sights and snacks, drinks, opportunities for fabulous photographs and memories and personalized teaching as you are amazed at discovering the astounding and wonderful world of the Pacific Island whales! To book an adventure, call us direct at 808-322-0028. We look forward to guiding you into a day of wonder!

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