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January 29th, 2012

The warm calm water of the Hawaiian Islands provides a pleasant sanctuary for the impressive yet gentle humpback whale of the North Pacific. Numbers of humpback whales in Hawaiian waters continue to increase. There have been a few days recently, where in all directions, we see the splashes and spouts of these seasonal visitors…the splashing behavior is thought to be some sort a display, perhaps an issue of inter-whale proximity of sorts?
Generally, the more whales that continue to arrive on the breeding grounds, the more we are likely to witness this aerial activity. A breach is where a whale completely launches its massive body in to the air, clearing the surface of the water, and crashes back down again, creating a thundering crash. We have seen numerous breaches this week with some spectacular double breaches to boot! This is a sight one is not likely to soon forget.
Pods of bottlenose dolphins have also been prolific, frequently engaging with the humpback whales, swimming alongside or riding their nose, and even jumping over their large bodies. Dolphins can find whales with their sonar, unlike humpback whales that rely more on their eyesight and keen hearing.
This week has also provided some unusual sightings of hammerhead sharks that tend to congregate around the islands during varying times of the year and can be seen sunbathing at the surface of the water, with their large dorsal fins piercing the surface of the water. Hammerhead sharks are not considered to be aggressive, but they are certainly impressive in their unique appearance.
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