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March 1, 2012

March has gotten off to a great start already. Sightings of mating humpback whales are always a crowd pleaser. Humpback whales come to the islands to engage in breeding, calving, and rearing of their young. They socialize with each other and often travel long distances in a single day and may visit up to three islands over a five-day time period.

March is a beautiful time of year here on the Big Island. A hint of spring is in the air, making for enjoyable sea conditions and an abundance of marine life, while on land the mountain slopes are covered in white, sweet-scented blossoms, the buds of the famous Kona coffee in full bloom.

This past week yielded some fun encounters with some of our offshore resident whales, the pygmy killer whales. Despite their small size, pygmy killer whales have an aggressive reputation but are not likely to pose a threat to adult humpbacks or small calves. Pods of pilot whales have also been reported offshore. They will frequently be seen with oceanic white tipped sharks swimming in their midst.

Additionally, we’ve been had numerous sightings some hammerhead sharks resting at the surface. Although this variety of shark is typically not a threat to the humpback whales, larger species like tiger, mako and great white sharks are considered potential predators, especially of sick or injured whales.
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