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Februrary 23, 2012

The humpback whales continue to provide a continuous show here off the west coast of the Big Island. If while you are visiting the Island you witness tremendous splashes off shore, no doubt, they are coming from the seasonal humpback whale. This behavior is called “breaching” when the animal lifts its entire body clear of the water and then splashes back down into the sea. Though most whales exhibit breaching behavior, the humpbacks are the most well known for this aerial spectacular of all whale species.

The months of February and March are good months to find mother humpback whales with their young calves. This week has been no exception with a lot of sightings of the youngsters, some just new born, while others are already a few months old. Calves will stay with their mothers nursing here on the breeding ground until they are well nourished and strong enough to make the long journey north back to Alaska. It is always a delight to see the young calves in Hawaiian waters.

Every day holds a new adventure. Many trips are topped off with a show of jumping from the popular spinner dolphin as well as lately by some spotted dolphins, an offshore relative. Spotted dolphins are capable of launching their small bodies out of the water more than 20 feet out of the water on a jump! To book your whale watch adventure, call Captain Dan at 808-322-0028

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