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March 8, 2012

Today was another exciting adventure on the whale watch. While watching a humpback whale, a group of false killer whales came romping through the area The false killer whale is highly agile and built for speed. An impressive predator, this whale can weigh thousands of pounds. The false killer whale gets its name because of the similarity of its skull to the better known Orca or “killer” whale, but it lacks the black and white markings of its much larger cousin. Finding false killer whales is always a special and rare encounter. They are notorious for chasing their prey, capturing it, and then passing it around their group until one of them finally consumes the prey.

Today’s encounter was an amazing experience as eventually a group of male false killer whales came together and began crossing under and around our boat. Many were splashing, while others were quick to dart away, only to turn around and come racing back towards us. Visitors and staff alike were thrilled with the excitement of this unusual encounter.

Scientists are especially interested in false killer whales because of their dwindling population in the Hawaiian Islands. On-going research is suggesting that the “insular” population of this species here is thought to now number around 150 individuals. This low population number is of concern to ocean life managers, conservation groups and the concerned public. The false killer whale, in near-shore Hawaiian waters, is now a “candidate” species to be listed under the Endangered Species Act.

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