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April 5th, 2012

Spring is an ideal time of year for visiting the islands with many of the native flowers in full bloom. Aboard the whale watch, it is a great time for us to be reunited with our resident whales as many of the humpbacks begin their long journey back to Alaska. While some humpbacks are still being seen around the islands, it is our resident whales who have been stealing the show. This week we have seen large congregations of the Hawaiian pilot whale. Males tend to congregate with each other as do the females and their small calves. There is nothing cuter than a baby pilot whale with its mum. Pilot whales have fixed facial muscles so they always look like they are smiling. They are guaranteed to bring a smile to both crew and guests alike. One of the more renowned behaviors of the pilot whales is called spy hopping where they rise vertically out of the water, bobbing up well above their dorsal fins and appear to be looking around. It may their form of people watching. Nonetheless, it always brings lots of laughter to bystanders who are lucky enough to see it.
Pygmy killer whales have been offshore this week as well. A relatively small whale found in groups numbering from half a dozen to dozens. These rare critters are always a delight to come across.
The gregarious spinner dolphins often make an appearance, often involved in their entertaining aerial antics where they jump and spin out of the water, completing seven revolutions as the leap from the sea.
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