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AUGUST 29, 2012

It continues to be a productive summer of whale research for Captain Dan McSweeney of the Wild Whale Research Foundation. The most recent project in August 2012 was a continuation of projects conducted each August over the past three years primarily looking for the Hawaiian false killer whales for genetic and photo-identification research as well as satellite tagging. The August project was also a continuation of a similar project which began last October to obtain information on diving and acoustic behavior of false killer whales and melon-headed whales through the deployment of suction-cup attached digital acoustic tags (D-tags). The 17 day effort with Cascadia Research Collective of Olympia, Washington and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution of Hawaii yielded prolific data, biopsy samples, and photographs to contribute to ongoing studies of genetics, toxicology, residency patterns, social organization, population estimates and more.

For more information on the project and elaborate photographs including rare looks at melonheaded whales, rough toothed dolphins, pygmy killer whales, false killers, rissos dolphins, whale sharks, squids, sea birds and more, visit

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