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February 22, 2013

If you have not been to the Big Island of Hawaii during the winter months, you have not experienced the best the Big Island has to offer. This is the peak of the tourist season. Why you might ask? For one, perfect winter weather – for those wanting to escape harsh winters elsewhere Hawaii provides a nice reprieve with tropical temperatures rarely dipping below a daytime temperature of 80 degrees; second, these months represent the peak of the annual humpback whale migration. Even from the shoreline, the spouts and splashes from these goliath creatures can be seen. What way to get closer to the giants than to go on a whale watch adventure with Captain Dan McSweeney.

Running tours off the Big Island for more than four decades and actively involved in research for much of that time, no one supersedes Captain’s Dan’s know-how and knowledge. Dan’s decades of experience not only allows him to more easily locate whales, to decide which whales are the better prospects to spend time with, but once with them, no one tracks whales better and anticipates for you their fascinating behaviors than Captain Dan. His comprehensive understanding of how whales use their environment combined with anecdotal stories of his personal time with whales and his humble appreciation and passion for preserving their habitat all contributes to a superior whale watching experience for you.

In Hawaii, there is no more exciting time for tourists and residents alike than the months of February and March. Whales are not only seen, but also heard as they bellow out their exotic winter songs, sung mostly on the winter breeding grounds. Recent tours have included large groups of mating whales where bystanders often witness males challenging each other for access to the female whale. Other tours have included precious encounters with mother and calf pairs as passengers might witness the youngster attempt aerial antics for what may be the first time. No matter how you slice it, these months are about excitement when it comes to whales, not to mention, the great shows by the infamous spinner dolphins, most known to jump, spin, and splash and seen in groups as large as 200 at any given time.

Reserve your space today for a true adventure with a true whale researcher. We look forward to seeing you on one of our whale watch adventure tours, running daily through the peak of the season.


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