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April 12th, 2014

We at Dan McSweeney’s Whale Watching Adventures have thoroughly enjoyed the 2013-2014 whale watching season. We have made countless trips into the warm Pacific waters to successfully locate and enjoy the multitudes of Humpback whales as they surrounded the island of Hawaii. Often, we have been thrilled to hear the singing of the male whales including the unusual experience of seeing a male sing while “escorting” a mother and calf.
As much as we have enjoyed listening to the males, we have also been thrilled as the mothers and caves joined them in entertaining us with their massive water spouting, breaching and flipper twisting antics. In addition, we have laughed at the comic shows of the many spinner and bottle nose dolphins as they jumped into the air and swam happily in our wake.
It has been our pleasure to serve our guests, educating and encouraging them to dive into the life of the Pacific Island whales. Our patrons have given us great joy and it has been our delight to serve them. Our work, whether it be watching or research, is significantly enhanced by the interest of those who come and enjoy the Whale Watch with us.
Though it has been a memorable year at Dan McSweeney’s Whale Watch, we must bid it goodbye. The Humpbacks have begun their migration back to the cooler nutrient rich waters of the Pacific Northwest on their way to the more frigid waters of Alaska. We have enjoyed them but wish them well as they go.
Thus, we have taken out last trip for the season. Captain Dan has some work to do both here on the Big Island in the Pacific Northwest before he goes on hiatus with the whales at the South African Cape and the Peninsula Valdes in Patagonia. We look forward to his return in the fall and the beginning of the 2014-2015 season.
We will begin taking reservations for the next season on September 01, 2014. Be sure to make your reservations for next season as early as possible clicking the “Make a Reservation” link on the left of the screen.
Captain Dan gives you his Aloha for now, and looks forward to seeing you next season!!

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