February 28th, 2015

We are at high season here at Dan McSweeney’s Whale Watching Adventures! Everywhere we go we see whales, whales and more whales. The bumper season for visiting Humpback Whales is strong with the presence of many young calves and mothers enjoying the warm and plentiful waters of the great Pacific Ocean. Where we find mothers and calves, we also find escorts and single males. These giants often serenade the Whale Watch vessel with the unique song of the Humpback, heard through our special underwater microphone system so that all of our guests can have the once in a lifetime experience of whale song as we travel along the Kona/Kohala coast. Lots of splash behaviors like breeching, tail slapping and pectoral fin slapping seen as these giants interact with each other
The mighty Humpback is a people-friendly whale, with the mothers sometimes swimming near the Whale Watch vessel to show off their recently born calves before granting a personal photography session for customers including massive tail flips, fin slaps and stunning breaches. Once they tire of entertaining they will sometimes drift under the boat in plain view of passengers looking down into the very clear and calm waters off Hawaii. Quite a thrill!
Among the Humpbacks we often have fun encounters with bottlenose and spinner dolphins interacting with humpback whales. These creatures seem miniscule next the Humpbacks, but have a bit of a mischievous heart as they romp and jump among their giant cousins. In addition, we have had the unusual experience of finding Manta Rays jumping out of the salty water as they feed in established current lines on concentrations of small prey. These Manta Rays are bigger than most and are a bit shy, but we are finding them more and more often, giving our passengers a rare photo shot experience and showing them similar feeding styles to those of the humpback whales.
It is the perfect time of year to come and join us at Dan McSweeney’s Whale Watch Experience! Warm, sunny weather with calm seas make for a perfect encounter with the giant creatures of the sea. Call early at 888-942-5376 or simply click the reservation button to the left of the main screen to reserve your seat on the 7:00am or 11:00 am trip. We look forward to serving you with snacks, information, photographic opportunities and a sense of friendship that can only be found on the Island of Hawaii!