January 10th, 2016

The new year has brought an increasing number of Humpback whale visitors to the warm and calm waters off the Kona/Kohola coast along the leeward side of Hawaii Island. With the experience and skill of Captain Dan’s 45 years of time around these animals, we have had a perfect sighting record and many great “up close” looks at these wild but gentle creatures.
Although every trip out into nature is never the same, many of our guests have been treated to seeing these magnificent creatures resting under the boat in the clear waters, hearing their whale songs through our underwater microphones, mothers with newborn calves, and aerial displays (breeches and head and tail slaps) from these 40 ton acrobats!
Passengers have also been entertained by numerous encounters with Bottlenose dolphins (“Flipper”) mixed in with Humpback whales, as well as Spinner dolphins in the shallow waters along the coastlines. And for you bird enthusiasts – there have been great sightings of numerous migratory species of marine birds as well!
On Captain Dan McSweeney’s Whale Watching Adventures you will be treated with warm hospitality, including complimentary and tasty refreshments and snacks, as well as educational information given first by Captain Dan himself and supplemented by his well-educated, experienced and friendly crew.
It’s always best to plan ahead in this busy whale watching season, so book soon! To book our adventure and indulge your whale watching desire, call us directly at 808 322-0028 (888-942-5376 toll free) or simply click on the Make A Reservation tab to the left of the screen on our website at www.ilovewhales.com. We offer both a 7 AM and 11 AM departure times, both 3 hours in length. If you want the calmer water, cooler air temperatures, less traffic, soft lighting for getting great pics, and the rest of the day to enjoy other activities, you might want to consider booking the early morning excursion.
We look forward to serving you and providing you with the whale watching benefits arising from Captain Dan’s knowledge and experience around these wild and magnificent creatures!