Whale Watching Adventures in Kona, Hawaii| 5 Reasons Tour w/ Capt. Dan

If National Geographic went with Captain Dan, shouldn't you?

Kona, Hawai'i

It’s a big ocean out there. Miles and miles of open blue water. How is it possible to reliably find the mysterious whales who lie beneath?

Put your trust in the skills of an expert in the field. Someone who has studied whales for almost four decades, and knows their habits and movements. Someone who National Geographic and Discovery Channel have chosen to work with, Captain Dan McSweeney.

Dan knows you have plenty of whale watching companies to choose from, led by apprentice “certified naturalists,” “researchers,” or "ocean guides," so there are four things he’d like you to know about his whale adventures:


01We’re consistently rated the best. All of the major, respected Hawai'i vacation guidebooks praise my trips. But the comments from my guests are what matter most.

“I was so worried we wouldn’t see any whales.
See them? We could almost TOUCH them!”
- Cindy Phelps, Boston, MA


Reason 02I personally conduct every adventure. My business carries my name, so I drive and narrate every trip. You can count on my lifetime of experience in finding and being close to whales in the wild. Tens of thousands of visitors have so far!

“When those whales surrounded our boat, I couldn’t believe it.” - Jason Germain, Hudson, WI


Reason 02Because I’ve studied whales for decades, you can have a better experience on the water, while helping to protect and preserve whales. My guests appreciate taking part in the protection and preservation of whales, while benefiting from my lifetime of experience finding close encounters with these creatures in the wild, and witnessing their captivating antics and breathtaking beauty. (Learn more about Dan’s work with the Wild Whale Research Foundation)

“It’s not just luck. It’s who’s driving the boat!”
- Susan Palmer, Minneapolis, MN


Reason 02We spend a full THREE hours on the water. Lots of other tours in the area last only TWO hours. But here’s the simple truth about nature: the longer you’re out exploring, the more you’re likely to see. Spending more quality time on the water could mean the difference between catching a glimpse–and capturing the action.


Reason 02I guarantee you’ll see whales. If you’re told, “The whales are all gone,” call me. I take you over water other whale tours don’t travel - home to some of the most exotic whales in the world.

“Thanks Dan, for the great tour at such a good price!”
- The McDonnells, Butte, MT



“I love what I do, and work hard to make sure you love it too.”

During the winter season (December-April) tours fill up quickly, so please reserve ahead. Call our 24-hr whale watch reservation line: 888-942-5376, or e-book right here on our RESERVATIONS page. If someone else tells you we’re full, call us direct. We’ll do our very best to accommodate you.


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